Best ture wireless earbuds

If you had told me two years ago that people would be genuinely interested in buying a pair of true wireless earbuds, I would’ve said, “Wait, why? True wireless are easy to lose, don’t have great sound quality or special
features, and drop audio far too often.” While they’re still easy to lose, the tech inside has improved greatly. Don’t get me wrong: if you have a favorite pair of quality IEMs, you’re going to laugh at the thought of sound quality being good on true wireless earbuds. But if you’re looking to replace a pair of regular Bluetooth in-ears, you’re not going to be missing much in terms of sound.
The ture wireless earbuds wearers could enjoy streaming their favorite music, videos, podcasts, or audiobooks into their ears in premium stereo quality. The new new, available early this year, offers a universal streaming experience from any Bluetooth device – smartphone, PC or laptop.
There still aren’t a ton of amazing options out there, so picking the best among what’s available was easy. We’re going with the K5 true wireless earbuds. Extra features are great and all, but the point of headphones is to play music. And if you just want a solid pair of everyday ‘buds that can be worn casually around the office or in the gym, then the K5 true wireless might be for you. You won’t miss out on any playback controls, the full set is available to you with just a few clicks of the button on each earbud. 

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